Things I loved this month: June

ASA Being Upheld by the Supreme Court 
“The first draft of everything is shit.” Hemingway said that and I do believe he knows a thing or two about drafts. No, ASA is not perfect, it needs a lot of tweaks and trials by fire but I do believe that this is a good step for the country.

New York City
Some of you know that I went to New York this month for my first real trip there. I’d visited previously but essentially only saw old Yankee Stadium and Times Square. I went for some interviews which went well enough and to experience a bit of the city. I (kind of) hate to admit that I loved it but I did, indeed, love it; it was a fantastic trip (PS- there are definitely still things about NYC that I think are second best). I could definitely move here for some adventures.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
Technically, I loved this at the very end of May but it was too good not to mention it. Fantastic birthday gift!

Again, technically my love affair with this show began at its inception but in June I had the time to really commit to becoming a stalker. If you missed season 1, you missed out big time!  

It’s Time by Imagine Dragons
I don’t know if I was feeling particularly fiesty for some reason or another but this song and Katy Perry’s Part of Me were my jams this month. The general “this is who I am and there’s a snowball’s shot in hell that I’m going to change” thing really did it for me.

The white sox enjoying some time in first place in the AL Central

And this:

And of course one thing I hated this month….

Driving to New Buffalo, MI to hang out on the boat. Sunday drivers just kill my zen. ; ]


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